The Pains of 3 generations

Trauma seeks different forms for different generations.

Here is an image that takes us through the buried trauma of the current Indian demographic.

An average person alive today in India would belong to one of these 3 generations. And as a collective their generation is facing certain “systemic pressures ” In the words of Bert Hellinger, the founder of family constellations…. Or “Pains of collective unconscious” In the words of Carl jung.

This image guides us through the pains of 3 generations. “The Grandparent generation” was at a time when there was a world war and there was a bloody partition. Even if the grandparent was not personally involved in the event, the trauma is shared by the collective when a critical mass experiences the pain. And the grandparent generation pays a price or shares the trauma through the abuse they perpetrate or receive. Namely- Domestic violence, Patriarchy, Poverty.

The Parent generation were at the receiving end from the grandparent generation. To share the trauma of their parents these people took on the abuse in the form of repressed anger, alcoholism, codependency, untreated mental illnesses. This is they way they stood in solidarity with the trauma of generation 1.

The 3rd Generation may not have seen any active violence or wars during their formative years and yet they desire to heal the above teo generations and share their trauma. The parental influence perpetrates the abuse and this expresses itself as “Identity confusion”, “eating disorders”, “Anxiety and depression”, “Attachment issues ”

Being aware of these pains we all share can help us to understand one another. As Rumi says ” In my pleasure , you see me, and in my pain you truly know me ” . Knowing the pains of a generation can help us contribute to them in more ways than one. But above all it can help us to empathize with them and honour them for who they are.

And it is only in honouring of their pain can we see thr person for who they are and invite them into a world of new possibility.

What if now is the time to end the cycle of abuse? Not from resistance , but in silent gratitude and honouring of every generation that has been a witness, victim and carrier of trauma.

What else is now possible ?

– Dr. Sanjeev

(Your Growth Story)

Thanks to my team for the image. Thank you Payal.

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