My Reality Check 3 On Consent

What is the Consent movement and why should we understand what is consent?

You can read this article : https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/what-is-consent-sexual-assault-today-changes

I must confess that I am a flirt and I flirt with any woman that gives me the signals of consent.

But have there been times when I have read these signals wrong?

Hell yes. Recently a girl I was texting replied to me saying “Excuse me Sanjeev you are now flirting with me and I never invited that line of conversation.” And I replied “I am so sorry. I will be more careful and aware “

So it made me wonder…

Why is it hard for men to understand what is clear consent?

Consent is not always a clear verbal yes or a clear verbal no, though it ideally should be.

And it’s really good to ask very openly for consent even if it is just flirting.

Here is an article by a neurosciencentist on why men should not rely on non verbal cues for consent : https://time.com/5274505/metoo-verbal-nonverbal-consent-cosby-schneiderman/

My next article 3 will be about consent. Coming up soon,

Dr. Sanjeev

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