Money & Chakras

Notes from Day 2 How to become money workbook book-club, using Access Consciousness Clearings and Tools.

The Clearing Statement:

Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POC & POD, All 9 Shorts, Boys & Beyonds.

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Difference between judgement & awareness

Example – if you recognize that the person capable talk behind your back, can gossip about you – that is awareness. When you put into a box of right and wrong, like gossiping is bad then that is judgement.

Are you willing to be an evil person, are you willing to be that poisonous snake? Are you willing to be a lying, cheating, manipulator? And everything that doesn’t allow that will you now destroy & uncreate it? Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9 Shorts Boys & Beyonds.

Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing. It is the willingness to be and have everything.

Where do you receive money from?

Right or Left – only through working

From front – belonging to the future

Behind you comes from the past – I had money, and now I have none

Top of your crown – spirit provides money

When u flow money, do you flow it from the heart chakra or the root chakra? You flow it from the totality of the being. If you r willing to flow it from everywhere you start receiving from everywhere.

The Chakras

Chakras are energy vortices along the spine. Passing right from the crown to the root.

Chakras are present like funnels. The energy must flow two ways, the energy that rises upwards is the awakening. Front Chakras are for Gifting energies: Back Chakras are for Receiving.

Contribution is the simultaneity of gifting & receiving, you want to balance your gifting and receiving. If you have a block in your finances, means that you have an energetic block in your chakras.

1. Root at base of spine = Muladhara = Stability, Survival, = Red Colour. “I am stable”

2. Sacral = Svadishthana = Pleasure, Resources, Joy = Orange Colour. “I am Joy.”

3. Solar Plexus =Manipura = Power, Position, Control = Yellow. “I am Power “

4. Heart Plexus = Anahata= Connection, Compassion, Love, Relationships = Green. “I am Connected”. “I am Gratitude.”

5. Throat Chakra = Vishudha = Self Expression, Communication, Self-Image, Self Esteem = Blue “I am Creativity”

6. Third Eye Chakra = Agnya = Contributions - Dreams, Ideas, Visions, = Indigo. Back is for receiving ideas, the front is to execute. “I am Awareness.”

7. Crown Chakra = Sahasrara = 1000 petal lotus opens = Oneness/ Communion (u have complete knowing, being, receiving, perceiving.) = Communion. “I am Oneness.”

Correlation with Maslow’s theory for example: Love and belonging to heart chakra. Esteem to Solar Plexus.

Tony Robbins - 7 Aspects of Relationships & Life

1. Need for Stability

2. Variety needs

3. Significance

4. Connection

5. Communication

6. Contribution

7. Communion

What do you do to become money?

You must become Power. Power is also energy – it is glorious exuberant energy.

You must become Creativity – everything you do , do as creativity connected to power

Creativity + Power = Energy results in Money.

You must be Awareness – Crown And third eye chakra – recognition that everything you think gets created, gets manifested

You must be Control – understanding that at the correct time, in the Correct way what you desire will get manifested.

Say 10 times morning & night: “I am Power, I am Creativity, I am Awareness, I am Control.”

A participant mentioned a lump in throat

What is the uncommunicative message that is wanting to be communicated through your body? How old were you when for the first time you lost your voice, you lost your breath?

What happened at 12? Was your mom able to voice yourself? Were you able to voice yourself? You got to look at when in your life, were you not able to voice yourself, that is creating a block for you now, that is creating a beyonds for you now?

Everywhere you lost your voice and everywhere you went into a beyond, can you now

destroy & uncreate it? Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9 Shorts Boys & Beyonds.

What is the grief, the sadness that you are not acknowledging? Everything that does not allow you to know, be, perceive, receive that will you now destroy & uncreate it all? Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POD & POC, All 9 Shorts Boys & Beyonds.

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