How you can stop Human trafficking

India now ranks on the top 10 countries of human trafficking along with China, Central Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Belarus and Eritrea. This is the elephant in the room that nobody is talking about. So I started exploring about this topic… And the rabbit hole just got deeper… I understood that there are 2 kinds of Trafficking : 1) Sex trafficking 2) Non sexual trafficking The first is encouraged by high demand for prostitution, Pornography which contains pedophilic video content. The second is encouraged by demand for organ donors and the demand for cheap labour.

The modern slavery is now a billion dollar industry and due to globalization and capitalism the mafia groups get linked across different countries. The revenue generated by human trafficking is as high as the modern corporations.

There are 3 psychological 1 Social factor that strike a victim of Human trafficking:

  1. Social Death – These people often belong to a marginalized population economically and socially and feel like social outcastes . The lack of social identity and healthy friendships make them feel like they are socially dead.

2.The Grooming process : The oppressor/pimp/middle man acts like a benefactor and promises a carrot of employment/appreciation/freedom.

3.Domination and Power Play- They are made to feel like victims and made to believe that the oppressor has all the power and they are brain washed to not know their basic rights. And in many cases they develop a Stockholm syndrome and seek the approval of the oppressor

4.Victim blaming and shaming by society – Rehabilitation Into mainstream society becomes difficult because of the stigma against sex workers.

What are the Causes? 1.Demand for cheap labour (Construction companies and Factories recruit through middle men) 2.Demand for sex workers to satisfy the rising demand for Porn (30% of internet demand) and commercial sex workers in urban areas with rising population. 3.Poverty and Unemployment 4.Drug abuse and dependency 5.Vulnerable social groups with – Disability, LGBTQA orientation, Absentee parenting, oppressed and marginalised groups. 6.Lack of Societal empathy

7.Lack of strict laws against Human trafficking

These factors enable Human trafficking to thrive as an organized multi billion dollar industry today. What can you do?

What can you do to stop Human Trafficking?

Here Are the 6 P's

1. Prevention :

Can you Spread awareness about human trafficking?

Can you Promote girl child Education and perhaps sponsor the education of one?

Can you teach the women in your neighbouring slums any skill like art or tailoring or craft that can be a vocational training for them to make money?

Can you talk to your bank if they have schemes for Helping micro credit loans for rural women cooperatives?

Have you ever Campaigned for Women's rights and spread awareness to prevent domestic abuse and child abuse?

Can you talk to your local politician about what is their strategy to keep your constituency safe from human trafficking?

2. Protection:

Does your state have laws to protect the right of sex workers?

Can you educate the people around you to prevent slut shaming?

How do you feel about immigrants in your state? Do they feel alienated ?

3. Provision:

Does your city have home shelters for the homeless? Have you ever visited one?

Do they have access to medical care? Have you spoken to your doctor about health camps in your area for the homeless?

In your state do people have access to free legal aid?

Does the school in your neighborhood admit students of below poverty level free of cost as per the right to education act of India?

5. Prosecution:

Does your state have a strict law against human trafficking?

Does your state offer protection to witness who stand up against the organized crime?


Does the newspaper you subscribe to report about matters of social justice more or is it steeped only in politics and celebrity news?

Have you ever spoken to your nearest NGO about their work with sex workers?

How many rehabilitation centres does your city have?

Have you ever campaigned as a social group for this cause?

Would you like to?



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