How to align your inner Archetypes towards your vision?

"You are not one person. You are a bunch of 12 sub personalities " - Dr.Sanjeev

What does your goal mean to the 12 archetypes within you?

How to make all your 12 parts to align and contribute towards your target?

Your '12 archetypes' , as per Carl Jung the legendary psychologist, are your 12 sub personalities. They are parts of you that have different motivations.

If each of them don't get your goal or mission or target in a way that makes sense to them, you cannot receive the contribution of your team mates within you. Moreover you run the risk of one or few of your sub personalities rebelling and maybe even sabotaging your progress.

Here are some questions to explain your goals to the 12 archetypes within you:

For the Ruler within:

What is the time frame ? How to break down the goal to structure short term targets? Where does this goal position me with respect to others while I work on it and after I achieve it?

For the Care giver within:

How would achieving this make me feel? How would it benefit the people I care about?

For the Visionary within:

What is the big picture? How does my goal fit into the jigsaw puzzle of my society, community, organization, or the world? How does it make the world a better place?

For the Hero within:

What is my plan to overcome my obstacles? What is the glory that awaits me if I achive this?

For the Rebel within:

What are my challenges? How does this goal serve a higher justice ?

For the Magician within?

What needs to transform in my work style to have more ease with this? Who or what do I transform my achieving this?

For the Common within:

How does this benefit those I am loyal to? What is the hard work needed?

For the Jester within:

How much fun can I have achieving this? What's the most creative or fun way to reach this goal?

For the Lover within:

How can I express my love by working for this target? If my efforts were a song, who is my beloved here?

For the Innocent within:

How much have I already achieved? How grateful can I first be?

For the Explorer within:

What abilities, gifts and talents can I explore while actualizing this goal? How many places does this take me to?

For the Sage within:

What can I master here? What wisdom is required for me to reach this target?

As your goal makes sense to all the 12 archetypes within you, they unite to steer your ship towards your goal, and provide a united front so can ace the odds and ace the game, to realize your vision, actualize your dreams and achieve your targets to reach your goal.

Hope you enjoyed this,

Hope this helps you grow ,

Hope this helps you achieve your goals

Hope this helps you impact lives of people,

Dr. Sanjeev

( Your Growth Story)

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