Echo Chambers

What is an Echo chamber? How is it relevant to you?

" A leader inside an echo chamber is quick to become a tyrant " - Dr. Sanjeev

When you surround yourself only with people who agree with you, when you cut off all sources of critical feedback from reaching you, when all your friends are within the same organization or stream or cult, when you do not have conversations with people from different backgrounds, ventures and agendas, you slowly build a bubble around you.

It can be an actor surrounded by his fans, a trainer surrounded by his participants who appreciate them, a teacher flanked by students eager to please them, a sportsman surrounded only by admirers... Or even other players of the same league...

Not diversifying into different leagues can make you think that you are "a master of one and jack of none"..

But that is a precarious position for a leader. A leader cannot afford to sit within this comfortable bubble isolated from her community, her country, or even her family.... This insulation further cuts off the person from all other fields of interest and sources of feedback...

The vicious thing about that is that it only perpetrates more alienation and leads to strengthening the Echo chamber around such a person.

Someone inside an echo chamber hears only echo's of approval from the people around, and never feedback.

It's a euphoric trance to begin with, but the blind spots of such a position eventually lead one towards an inevitable collapse.

Here are some reality check questions to break free from your Echo chamber:

1. What is the feedback that I am refusing to receive?

2. Do the people around me have to align and agree with me or do they have the space and freedom to disagree with me?

3. Am I willing to receive critical feedback for my work, my thought process and my style of expression?

4. Have I hurt anyone? If so how ? How could I change that now?

5. Who are the people that recently left my life or were recently upset by me? What do they have to teach me?

6. What is it about me that can be annoying to people? What is about me that can be inspiring to people?

7. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?

8. How can I invite people to feel free to offer constructive feedback for my growth?

9. What are the felt needs of my society, my community, and my family? Are my actions socially relevant? Or is it only to fulfill my fantasy?

10. Apart from my field of expertise, what other areas of my life need my attention?

Thank you for reading!

Feel free to share your thoughts on this, and add more questions in your comments on how we can break free from our echo chambers.

Gratitude, Dr. Sanjeev ( Your Growth Story)

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