Conscious Movie review 01 “Lion King “

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I’ve been asking for awareness around The human behavior of 'gaslighting' and competition for a long time.. Here is what I got:

'Gaslighters' and Competitors see in you the brilliance that which they hope that you don’t acknowledge .

It’s like ‘Scar’ from ‘Lion King’. He would never like simba to acknowledge that simba is a strong lion or has the capacity to become a great leader.

And the problem here with little simba 🦁 is that he doesn’t yet see it in himself yet.

Scar the lion spots this in simba and uses it to his advantage. Thus simba gets gaslighted by scar and goes into the guilt for the death of ‘Mufassa’ his father lion.

The moment Simba owns claims and acknowledges his own Power and potency he doesnt depends on external validation which was where he was giving in to scar.

Now he sees himself as a lion and roars…gaslighting cannot touch him anymore because he knows his own capacity.

So the question I’d like us to ask is

” What is it that I can acknowledge of me, that which a gaslighter hopes I never see? “everything that brought up I destroy and uncreate it all.

– Dr. Sanjeev

(Your Growth Story)

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