Conscious Movie Review 02- Imitation Game

Lost in the meteoric explosion of ideas within his galactic mind, Alan turing sits bewitched by the cosmic rain of data pouring through... incomprehensible for an average mind , but of astronomical significance to the silent savant of precision. An alleged lunatic, is faced with a stellar challenge that can devastate a millions lives, dissolve a country's pride, and demolish the foundations of academic genius.

A loosing war that can be won, a horde of bombings that can be stopped and innocent lives that can be spared... It all depends on one man's ability to solve an impossible cryptex.

With 24 hours to stop the ticking time bomb, a horrible allegation hanging on his neck and a tyrannical boss breathing down on him , will Allan be able to deliver his nation from the devious deluge impending? Or will it be an inevitable implosion of doom ?

It's a thriller that doesn't spurt like a bleeding wound but softly grows like a melancholic tumour.

Allan is an enigmatic genius with a simple heart and absolute social ineptitude. You cannot help but pity his pain, celebrate his epiphanies, and mourn his loss, even as you wonder ,"Is he a man or a machine?"; which is the one malignant question that bullies his childhood, alienates his work, annuls his marriage and detonates the puzzle in front of him and ushers in a victory that coronates him as an unsung hero , and yet the very same question crucifies him by a draconian law which eulogizes him posthumously.

There are some earnest insights for life, one can draw out from this movie :

1. Follow your knowing despite all odds :

Despite the incalculable challenges he faces, he trusts his cold mathematical logic to never fail. He is tested at times, questioned at other and even blatantly ignored, and yet he does not doubt his awareness of what is actually possible.

2. Perseverance is the penchant of Success:

Allan and his team persevere for over two years, day and night without a break , driven by a single purpose of saving lives .

Sometimes they feel completely lost and even have their frustration get the better of them, but they never stop working towards their mission.

3. The willingness to be different is the hallmark of legacy builders:

Allan's Autism does not allow him to understand social cues and marks him as the odd one out in any crowd. But he does not allow this to be a curse. He uses his autism as an indisputable gift to the world.

4. Asking real questions and not conclusions with a question mark attached :

Allan asks real questions. Some existential and some observational, yet all profoundly insightful.There is an unassuming dialogue between Allan and his colleague, where the latter informs him that he was going for lunch, and expects Allan to join. Allan points out that this was a statement and neither a question nor an invitation. This simple exchange invites us to reflect on our communication. "Why don't humans mean what they say and say what they mean? " He asks.

5.Caring is beyond sexuality :

Joane Clarke (played by Keira Knightly) , his fellow cryptanalyst teaches him that love is beyond judgement. Despite knowing that her husband, Allan is a homosexual, she asks him, "How does it matter, when we truly care?". Upon Allan's regretful lament of not being a perfect husband, she chimes in with a "Nor do I seek to be a perfect wife!". Their discussion about marriage and unity of minds makes us look at relationships from a whole new perspective.

Apart from being a compelling thriller, an inimitable narrative that applauds an unlauded mathemagician , 'Imitation game' beseeches you to reflect on existential and social values.

I thoroughly enjoyed it . Hope you have watched it, or will do so now. ;) - Dr.Sanjeev (Your Growth Story)

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