Authenticity & Abundance

Notes from Day 6 How to become money workbook book-club, using Access Consciousness Clearings and Tools.

The Clearing Statement: Right & Wrong, Good & Bad, POC & POD, All 9 Shorts, Boys & Beyonds. To know more about the this, visit theclearingstatement.com

Consciousness is not an escape from Reality. Be Authentic to your own self.

· What do I know here ? For every thing that you see, you can ask What do I know here ?

· How would I like to feel about this ? You have a choice to choose your reality.

· Be selective about "What is true for you?"

· Be willing to look at "What is true for you?"

You are breathing the air of this reality, you are leaving your carbon footprints in this reality. Begin your steps towards creating a thriving reality in the reality you are in.

What is Minimalism?

1. Asking yourself - What if Now is the time to Acknowledge, "I HAVE, I HAVE, I HAVE "

2. Acknowledging the wealth of people you have in your life, wealth of relationships, wealth of friends, wealth of freedom, that you already have in your life.

3. Asking , Is this expenditure really required ?

4. Asking Am I comfortable having money ?

First Thrive on this Reality, create a Thriving reality in the place where you are living in.

What defines Abundance ?

When your world is abundant, you are abundant. it is not only about the material things in life. Is it about seeing an increase in your bank account or abundance in the world ?

Every where we are unwilling to receive, can we destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good,bad,pod,poc,all,9,shorts,boys and beyond.

Receiving can sometimes be in uncomfortable. Every where we are not willing to receive like a child, will you now destroy and uncreate it all. Right, wrong, good,bad,pod,poc,all,9,shorts,boys and beyonds.

Feelings and emotions give you the information to how to respond to a situation.

Not having feelings can justify that anything works in name of consciousness.

There are no absolutes. You cannot be married to a single way of doing things. You are the absolute authority in your life. You get to decide about your life. Pick what works for you and discard what doesn't work for you.


· Exercise when you find yourself stuck - Close your eyes, check in your body where you can feel that stuck feeling/emotion . Pull in the energy from the universe, through the crown, through your chakras, through the root chakra. And start repeating - I am Power ,I am creativity, I am gratitude, I am Control, I am Awareness , I am Abundance. Pull in energy from all your chakras .

· Exercise - During the day

Throughout the day as the day passes, energetically keep expanding your self.

· Ask - What emotion I have in relation with money. Breathe in Money from each and every pore of your body. Breathe in Money. Exhale out money. Breathe in money and breathe out money.

· Ask yourself - What can I now choose ?


What are your emotions when you think of Money ? Write them down in a paper. Also, do the Exercise -

Close your eyes. Sense the feelings in regards to money. Check where in your body you can feel them. Pull in energy from the universe. Allow it to flow through all your chakras and Repeat: I am Power, I am Control, I am Creativity, I am Awareness, I am Gratitude, I am Money.

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