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Journey with 12 Archetypes Intro

Integrate the 12 diverse archetypes within you & have more choice, more allowance and more of you!

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Journey with 12 Archetypes Intro

Time & Location

15-Jan-2021, 6:00 pm – 7:31 pm IST

Free Live Webinar

Event Overview

Journey with 12 Archetypes Intro

- Meet them within and learn from them 

- When you integrate the 12 diverse archetypes within you, you have more choice, more allowance and more of you! 

What are these 12 archetypes? And what do they desire?

The Hero wants some glory 

The Ruler wants more power 

The Joker questions the power 

The Magician wants to guide them... 

The Sage seeks wisdom 

The Orphan seeks to fit in

The Common seeks to stand out 

The Explorer seeks freedom

 The Rebel wants Justice 

The Care giver seeks love 

While The Lover seeks care... 

So we are free and so we are bound... 

So we begin and so we end... 

We seek that which we are already... 

Welcome to the Journey with 12 Archetypes !!! 

The 12 characters in your own life script! 

The people you have met, the people you have loved, the people you have despised and the people you have scripted to meet.... 

What if they are all within you? Waiting to teach you something... 

Will you hear their message? 

Join this unique journey to find out and grow with them. 

And also discover ...

Why do people behave the way they do? 

What motivates people ?

What motivates you?

Are you currently living your highest parallel reality? 

Which archetype is your strength? 

Which archetype is your shadow? 

Which archetypes have you already integrated? 

Which archetypes are you yet to meet and assimilate? 

Journey with 12 Archetypes

A free webinar, and an introduction to your Life Script! 

Date:15th Jan , 6pm to 7:30pm 

Online zoom call with Dr. Sanjeev. 

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What can you get out of this webinar? 

1) More success in interpersonal relationships

2) A guided meditation to meet your inner archetypes 

3)Understand what people deeply desire 

4) Understand the Genesis of personality types 

5) Learn the model to understand human behavior 

6) Get a clear insight into your motivations and triggers

7) Identify your shadow archetype, your dominant archetype, your lost archetype and your unexplored archetypes. 

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