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This is an online course on understanding Human relationships to gain intimacy, Autonomy and Authenticity

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You will recieve video recording on email, after registration. You can watch/listen to the recording as per your comfortable time.

Are you able to achieve what ever you set out to do? 

Do you have regrets? 

Do you have any kind of resentments in your life? 

Are you looking for a model to understand human behavior? 

Are you looking for authentic sources of information that can help you make better choices? 

What if you could have more intimacy in relationships? 

Did you know that people play psychological games to avoid true intimacy? 

What if you could learn the anti thesis to games and spot them before you get entangled? 

What would that create in your life? 

Welcome to this 5 part zoom call workshop, 1 hour per day.

What would you learn in this workshop?

1. Identify your subconscious programming and how to change it? 

2. Identify your life position and life script to design a "winning script "

3. Break free from repetitive patterns and destructive life games. 

4. Learn anti thesis to games to avoid drama, trauma and fights and invite true intimacy in your relationships

5. Learn the PAC model of transactional analysis to predict the behavior of self and others. 

6. Learn 3 keys to Improve your communication and have more meaningful conversations with people. 

7. A fool proof method with diagnostic questionnaires to help your clients and yourself. 

There are 3 goals of this Transactional analysis workshop:

1. Gain Autonomy 

2. Get Authentic 

3. Grow Intimacy  

What will you get?

5 calls video recordings, notes, questionnaires and a whole new perspective to life.





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